That which never ends, and flows eternally. The eternal cycle of life. The eternal becoming.
Let your gaze sink into the infinite horizon and dive into the endless blue of the sea or fall in love with the colors of a unique sunset.
Let yourself relax as you endlessly continue to search out for self-improvement, healing, inner connection with the eternal light.
Through meditation. Through therapeutic dance therapy. Through circles of friends, smiles, moments, percussions, movement or
stillness. You never stop evolving. Go ahead. Open new horizons.


Experience this magical transformation, from the elevated outdoor Aenaon Hall of Karras Star Hotel.
140 m², overlooking the sea, are the ideal location that will embrace   your activities with peace, tranquility and abundant shade, offering
the ideal conditions to organize or enjoy a dance, meditation or yoga retreat.
Indulge in the magic of the moments and connect with the eternal whisper of nature. After all, on the island of longevity, who does not
seek the secret of wellness, carefreeness and eternal bliss?

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