Welcome to Ikaria island

Karras’ Star Hotel is situated in Avlaki village, just a few kilometres from Evdilos (the main port of north Ikaria) and accessible by car. 

Nestled among tall trees, just visible from the boat when arriving on the island, the hotel has a deep sense of calm and space.

Conveniently located on the north side of the island, a short distance from the many attractions, such as monasteries, wineries and archaeological sites, Karras’ Star Hotel gives guests the chance to experience the life of a traditional islander in a perfectly modern and intimate spot.

Ikaria is a greek island with a difference, in the Aegean Sea. Unspoilt and unexplored, Ikaria is a treasure trove of precious memories for your holidays!The island has some magnificent beaches, with emerald waters, fine golden sand and pine-tree shade that captivate every visitor! 

Within 30 minutes of the hotel, you will discover many significant attractions and rustic village.

Mesakti & Livadi beaches

Among the best and most famous beaches on the island, Messakti is a long stretch of fine golden sand. Plenty of umbrellas and sunbeds are available and during the summer there is a beach bar serving cold drinks and snacks.

Messakti and Livadi beaches are ideal for children, but also for surfing enthusiasts. The view of the picturesque church of the Ascension and the port of Gialiskari are not to be missed.

In Messakti there is a surfing school for adults and children. Enjoy the unique view to the picturesque church of the Ascension, the port of Gialiskari.

The neighbouring sandy Livadi beach gives a wonderful feel for summer swim complemented with lush vegetation behind the beach and the small lake formed by a small stream reaching the mountain.

Both beaches adjacent to the tourist villages Armenistis and Gialiskari. The small picturesque bay of Armenistis and the pedestrian over it with tourist shops, the marina with fishing boats at Gialiskari compose an amazing holiday picture.


The village Kampos, located ten minutes away from the hotel and is identified with the ancient capital Oinoi island.

You can enjoy swimming in the beach, but also to visit the Archaeological Museum, the Church of St. Irene and the ruins of the Odeon and the Aqueduct.

Its name suggests that it is a fertile plain, with lots of water. Behind the beach formed a marsh with reeds and lush vegetation.

The beach is sandy throughout its length and is organised with umbrellas and sunbeds. Often they presented strong sea currents which make it difficult to swim there.


The village Pigi is the monastery Saint Theoktisti and the famous Chapel Theoskepasti, a few meters away, which has developed impressively in a cave on top covered with a rock.

It is a church dedicated to the Blessed Theoktisti from Mithymna of Lesvos, which the tradition wants to be associated with Paros and Ikaria.

Feel free to stop for ‘loukoumades’at the local cafe.

In the village, there is a winery where you can meet and sample unique local wines. Often there are organised tours and tasting sessions


The seaside village of Na is short, only twenty minutes drive from the hotel.

Here there are the ruins of the church built dedicated to the Tavropolos goddess Artemis.

Near the beach, a lake is formed following the ravine Halaris, which displays rich vegetation with running water.

The small sandy beach is formed, it has a few umbrellas and crystal clear waters. Among the best of Ikaria with easy access (small steps), although sometimes can be dangerous because of the wave. From there pass significantly trails that hikers will love.

In the village you will find many restaurants serving local delicacies, it is worth to stay until nightfall and admire the colours of the sunset!


A complex of mountainous, traditional villages with central Christos Raches, the cobbled square and quaint cafes.

Taste local delicacies and in the evening enjoy a drink in the local bars. Do not forget to try the traditional handmade sweets that make the “Women’s Cooperative of Raches”, with great taste.

You can start a wine exploration in the region, to taste handmade sweets, and buy small souvenirs and natural cosmetics.

The village that never sleeps and became known for its nightlife of residents and the working hours of local shops that open late.


Frantato is a beautiful mountain village, a few kilometres from the hotel. The area is ‘drowned’ in green and there are large rural areas.

At an altitude of up to 600 meters, you will find pines, oaks and arbutus, while among the abundant water flow. Unique nature!

A great characteristic is the village’s square, the church “Metamorfosi Sotiros”, with its impressive red windows.

A few meters away from the square stands a windmill, a significant sample Ikarian architecture used by the local residents during the past.

Every year, the local association organises an exhibition of traditional products and crafts in the village square, while the local festival takes place on August 6th.


Evdilos is a seaside village on the north side of the island and is now an important port of Ikaria.

It is amphitheatrically built and will impress the old mansions with a wandering the cobblestone alleys.

We enjoy your coffee or lunch at one of the beach shops, take a stroll in the picturesque pedestrian street to shop souvenirs and ceramics or buy a book from open book report.

There are several public services, banks and agencies that will assist you in your every travel need.

You can admire the small boats and fishing boats, which moor next to the port.

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