COVID-19 – Update

Dear guests,

we at KARRAS’ STAR HOTEL are ready to welcome you in Ikaria with complete compliance to the new health protocol. We are constantly keeping up with the recent instructions and are making sure to renew the procedures we follow in order to secure the safety of our guests and personnel. Below you will find a list of regulations so that you have a safe an unforgettable experience here at our hotel.



  • Keep a distance in all areas of the hotel

  • Wash our hands frequently

  • Wear masks covering nose and mouth

  • Breakfast will be served to you by the hotel staff

  • Check out will be processed via email and contactless transactions will be preferred.


  • Please follow the rule of washing hands, keeping a distance and wearing masks.
  • All areas of the hotel and rooms are disinfected with certified products from the HELLENIC ORGANIZATION FOR MEDICINES.
  • Antiseptic gels will be provided in all areas of the hotel and in each room.
  • Masks will be provided free of charge to all our guests upon request.
  • Visitors who are not staying in the hotel are not allowed in rooms.


All rooms and common areas of the hotel are meticulously cleaned during the course of the day. The products are carefully selected and are antibacterial and antimicrobial disinfectants that are of international standards.


As far as the dining area, restaurant and lobby of our hotel is concerned, seating arrangements are according to the state regulations. All areas are to be occupied by the maximum number of people allowed.


Our pool technician checks the water every 4 hours to secure the sufficient amount of chlorine and the proper Ph and alkaline levels. In order to secure the excellent quality of the water and to keep bathers safe; we ask before you enter the pool to be certain to read the complete POOL GUIDELINES which include detailed health regulations and safety pool guidelines that must be followed.


Check in is from 15:00 and Check out is at 11:00am in order to meticulously clean and disinfect the rooms. At the reception desk there is appropriate marking to maintain a 2m distance to protect our guests throughout check-in or for any other circumstances such as to arrange car rental, or to call a taxi. The key is a special electronic card which you receive at check-in and is disinfected.

Contactless Transactions

We recommend that transactions are done with contactless cards or through web banking. Receipts will be sent to your emails which you will provide us with upon arrival.

Personnel training and Regulations

Our staff will be wearing masks/ shields at all times. Our guests will be provided with masks, gloves and antiseptic gel upon request.

We are obliged to follow the recent instructions from the World Health Organization, the Greek Ministry of Health, and the Hellenic Chambers of Hotels.

All of our staff has been adequately trained for the health protocol and is constantly informed of the latest regulations for Covid -19.

We are also prepared to deal with suspects of Covid-19 at our hotel. One of our personnel has been designated to be able to handle the situation safely and diligently.

Reservations and Cancellations

Due to this difficult time we are flexible with the hotel reservation and cancellation policies. We kindly ask that you come directly in contact with the hotel pertaining your reservation.


We are doing everything we can, to welcome you back to a safe and clean KARRAS’ STAR HOTEL.

Enjoy your safe stay!

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