How to reach us

There are many ways to get to Ikaria and Karras’ Star Hotel.

Ikaria is connected by air to the Athens airport, Thessaloniki, Crete, Lemnos, Mykonos and Mitylene. You will arrive at the airport of Ikaria, in the village of Faros, and the hotel is about an hour away by car, taxi or motorbike.

Alternatively, you can reach the island by boat. The ship will bring you to Evdilos (7 km) or Agios Kirykos (36 km). By car, taxi or rental car, you will pass through the picturesque mountains and along a scenic coastal route to our hotel.

There is a ferry from Piraeus, Samos, Fourni, Lemnos, Mytilene, Syros, Chios, Paros and Naxos.

In summer, Ikaria is connected to the Dodecanese by a speedboat.

You can also sail to the island as part of a short cruise in the Aegean Sea and can dock your boat in a neighbouring marina.


Distances from Hotel

Evdilos port: 7 km

Agios Kirykos port: 36 km

Ikaria airport:43 km

Therma (spa town): 37 km

Gialiskari: 2 km

Armenistis: 4 km

Raches: 10 km

Monastery Osia Theoktisti/ Theoskepasti: 5 km

Kampos Archaeological Museum: 4 km

Sea with rocks: 500 meters

The hotel lies in a privileged position, between the beaches of Kampos (2.5 km) and Messakti (2.5 km). It is located outside the village, that is away from traffic congestion, which ensures easy access and parking spaces.

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