Ikaria is a unique place for those who love good food, relaxation and outdoor activities. Hiking, surfing, cycling, diving, canoeing are some adventures that you can enjoy nature. Make active holidays on a picturesque island!


Fun, dance, wine and local goat meat. These are the Ikarian feasts! Throughout the year, every village organises festivals with live music, where family and friends meet together and embrace the violin rate!

In the musical tradition of Ikaria, the Ikariotikos dance has a prominent position, with many variations and heard many times during a festival or a celebration.

Come and experience it up close!

Local cuisine

Local goat meat, kathoura cheese, pies, sufiko, honey, sweets and of course strong local wine. These are some of the delicacies that you can taste in Ikaria!

The local cuisine is an important part of the island’s tradition, which ‘unfolds’ the story of the place.

Take a culinary trip at seaside taverns or in mountains villages. Chat with the locals, drink a glass of raki with them and allow them to tell you stories of old.

Look for fresh fish, smell oregano and thyme, try vegetables and herbs…. Everything produced by local farmers and breeders. The traditional Ikarian cuisine is today one of the most delicious in the world. Discover it…

A delightful journey of flavours has just begun!

Wine touring

Ikaria is an island with a tradition of viticulture because of the fertile soil and weather conditions which prevail there. Known since antiquity as the place of birth and worship of Dionysus.

The ‘Pramneios wine’, the possible local red wine with its beneficial properties. First role in your every culinary excursion, at festivals and at every exit and of course …in longevity.

Starting from Karras’ Star Hotel, do not forget to visit the wineries and vineyards of the island, get to know and taste unique wines and take with you some of the wine traditions of Ikaria. Often, they organised tours and tasting sessions on the preparation of wine old today.

Welcome to the magical world of wine…

Yoga, Meditation, Dance & more

Karras’ Star Hotel offers accommodation for all visitors to The EGG international venue and retreat centre.

In an open private space 600 m², overlooking the sea, you can organise your own retreat, workshop, seminar or event, and make your holiday actively participating in all attractions and Workshops

The EGG is not only a place to relax, is also a part of meeting people with similar interests and ideas.

“Anything can happen, but not necessarily.”

Look forward to a recreative, restful and stimulating holiday with Greek flair in the middle of the gorgeous landscape. THE EGG team arranged a fabulous soft program for one week. Get enchanted! All offers are optional. Just choose what suits you best to regain strength in YOUR WEEK.

Karras’ Star Hotel is proud to host guests from all over the world as they enjoy this uniquely special venue.

Hiking & Trekking

Walking trails on the mountain, among dense forests and picturesque villages. Meet Ikaria from above and contact the Ikarian nature: waterfalls, streams, ponds, local herbs and flowers, rich fauna peculiar geological formations, old buildings and …fresh air!

From our hotel, plan excursions to the mountain all year round, whether for a few hours (hiking) or for several days (trekking). Prepare all the necessary equipment and … go! A specialised tour guide can arrange your trips.

A unique outdoor activity, ideal for Ikaria, which helps to maintain good health, longevity and assures breathtakingly beautiful images that will remain indelible in your memory!


When you think surfing, you think ….on Ikaria! The weather conditions on the island, create the ideal waves for water sports and especially for surfing. Ikaria is now a popular destination for water sports.

Combine your stay in Karras’ Star Hotel, with surfing lessons at Ikaria Surf School in Messakti beach. The safest enjoyment and education with the waves, for children and adults, from the most novice to the most experienced surfers.

Listen to the sound of the waves …..they are calling you to Ikaria.


For climbing enthusiasts, the granite blocks of Ikaria are a paradise!

A sport that recently made its presence on the island, with many boulder routes, especially in the Southwest, in mountainous and hilly areas.

In a unique breathtaking scenery, concentration is required, technic and … courage.

Do you dare to climb without a rope in blocks of Ikaria?

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